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lwrds dunium's graphic recording of session three

Graphic Recordings are artistic responses / representations to our sessions. In this recording, lwrds dunium interprets the conversation of session three participants, Llana James, Dr. Idil Abdillahi, and Dr. Ijeoma Opara, with moderator: Jackie Girgas.

lwrds duniam (pronounced ‘lords’) is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, community educator, independent researcher, and 2019 OCAD University graduate (BFA Integrated Media) living and creating in Tkaronto. Their ARTivist practice is informed by frameworks of Decolonial Critical Theory and is intersectional, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, sex-positive, trauma-informed, and grounded in disability justice. With a focus on Critical Design and decolonial research practices and pedagogies, they have been working as a freelance artist/designer for the past decade. Their studio practice conjures performance, sculptural, illustrative, poetic, and remediated mixed-media outcomes, emerging from a foundation of transgressive witchy knowledge, traversing the multiple realms of their idiosyncratic spirituality. Website:

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