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Session 5 : Video, Transcript and French Translation

BLACK OCULARS : Session Five : JANUARY 19, 2023

Disabled, Queer Re-mixing: Radical responses to surveillance in education

Speakers: Dr. Ciann Wilson, Tanitiã Munroe, Yasmine Simone Gray

This panel focuses on responses by Disabled, queer, and trans Black people to increased surveillance and the role of Big Data in education and healthcare, specifically as it impacts and intersects with AI and issues of privacy and access. Disabled and queer Black people have always found ways of surviving and resisting violent systems, this panel will offer some current research and interventions that create liveable ways of being for disabled and queer people within the education and healthcare sectors.

Download Transcripts

Black oculars- January 19th, 2023 ENGLISH.docx
Download PDF • 234KB

Black oculars- January 19th, 2023 - FRENCH.docx
Download PDF • 252KB

English Transcript

French Translation

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