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Session 4 : Video, Transcript and French Translation

BLACK OCULARS : Session Four : DECEMBER 15, 2022

Transnational geographies: gendered violence and the movement of Black women and non-binary peoples

Speakers: Arij Elmi, amber williams-king, and Mubeenah Mughal

This panel centres the intersections of disability, anti-Muslim gendered surveillance, and anti-Blackness globally and locally. Focusing on the increased prevalence of anti-Muslim violence and state legislation against Black women and non-binary people (for example, the hijab ban in Quebec), speakers will interrupt the dominant framing of disabled, Muslim and Black subjects. This brings into focus the possibilities of critical Muslim Studies and the cartographies of catastrophe and transnational migration.


Black Oculars- December 15th, 2022 ENGLISH.docx
Download PDF • 200KB

Black Oculars- December 15th, 2022 FRENCH.docx
Download PDF • 210KB


French Translation

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