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Session 1 : Video, Transcript and French Translation

BLACK OCULARS : Session One : SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Policing ecologies: Lessons from the plantations

Speakers: Dr. Camisha Sibblis, Dr. Beverly Bain, Dr. El Jones

This panel explores the interconnections of colonialism at the intersection of policing and public life as they impact the lives of Afro-Indigenous, Black and Indigenous women and non-binary people. The focus of this panel is looking at the continuum and contemporary iterations of policing and colonial logics as they manifest in increasingly disrupted and imbalanced power structures.

Apologies, due to technical difficulties, ASL Interpretation is not available in this recording.


Black Oculars September 22_2022 ENGLISH.docx
Download PDF • 263KB

Black Oculars September 22_2022 FRENCH
Download PDF • 286KB

English Transcript

French Translation

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